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1. CHẢ GIÒ Imperial rolls, ground pork, mushroom, vermicelli mixture ... 11.00

2. LETTUCE WRAPS chicken, water chestnut, mushroom, onion, soy vinegar sauce ... 11.00

3. GỎI MỰC kelp noodle, grilled squid, green onions, tossed in sesame vinaigrette ... 11.50

4. GỎI NGÓT SEN Lotus roots, shrimp, pork & mint salad tossed in vinaigrette ... 11.50

5. HẾN mussels grilled, served w/green onions, peanuts & garlic ginger sauce ... 10.75

6. CHẠO TÔM pounded shrimp w/spices wrapped around sugar cane & grilled ... 12.75

7. NEM NƯỚNG ground pork mixed with ground roasted rice, garlic & grilled ... 11.75

8. CHIM CÚT RÔTI roasted quails, lettuce, red onions, tossed in vinaigrette ... 11.00

9. GỎI CUỐN shrimp, pork wrapped with rice paper, served with peanut sauce ... 9.00

10a. CUA LỘT CHIÊN DÒN deep fried soft shell crab ... 11.75

10b. CÁNH GÀ CHEZ CHRISTINA house specialty marinated chicken wings ... 11.00

10c. ỐC NHỒI baked escargot, served with ginger sauce ... 11.00

10d. ESCARGOT traditional baked escargot served in wine, garlic, butter sauce ... 11.00

10e. CÁNH GÀ CHIÊN NƯỚC MẮM crispy chicken wings drizzled with garlic sauce ... 11.00

10f. GARLIC CHEESE FONDUE served with toasted bread cubes ... 11.50

10g. TASTING PLATTER chicken satay, imperial rolls, lotus root salad ... 12.50

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11. BÚN CHẢ NAM ĐỊNH rice noodle with grilled pork, North Vietnamese style ... 11.50

12. BÚN CHẢ GIÒ imperial rolls over rice noodle with bean sprouts mint salad ... 11.00

13. BÚN THỊT NƯỚNG grilled pork over rice noodle with bean sprouts mint salad ... 11.00

14. BÚN BÒ NƯỚNG grilled onion rolled beef over rice noodle with mint salad ... 11.00

15. BÚN BÒ XÀO sautéed beef and onions over rice noodles with mint salad ... 11.00

16. BÚN THỊT NƯỚNG, CHẢ GIÒ rice noodle with grilled pork & imperial rolls ... 11.50

17. BÚN TÔM, THỊT NƯỚNG grilled pork & shrimp over rice noodle ... 11.50

18. BÁNH HỎI THỊT NƯỚNG grilled pork with extra thin rice vermicelli ... 11.75

19. BÁNH HỎI TÔM, THỊT NƯỚNG grilled pork & shrimp with rice vermicelli ... 12.25

19a. MỈ GÀ TÕI garlic noodle w/grilled chicken tossed & topped w/parmesan cheese ... 11.00

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21. MÌ TÔM THỊT egg noodle soup with lean roasted pork loin & shrimp ... 11.00

22. MÌ VỊT TÌM egg noodle soup with simmered duck ... 12.50

23. MÌ GÀ QUAY egg noodle soup with roasted Cornish game hen ... 11.00

24. SOUP VI CÁ MĂNG TÂY imitation shark’s fin, asparagus & crab meat soup ... small 5.00/ large 11.00

25. BÒ KHO BÁNH MÌ beef stew served with French bread ... 11.75

26. HỦ TIẾU or MÌ BÒ KHO rice noodle or egg noodle soup with beef stew ... 11.75

27. HỦ TIẾU BÀ NĂM SADÉC rice noodle soup with prawn, ground pork and lean roasted pork loin ... 11.00

27a. FRENCH ONION SOUP red wine onions reduction, baked in broth and topped with mozzarella cheese... 8.95

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—  rice plates  —


All selections served with house salad

28. CƠM ĐĨA ĐẶC BIỆT (combination plate) grilled onion rolled beef, red rice, battered shrimp and imperial roll ... 11.50

29. CƠM THỊT HEO NƯỚNG sliced grilled pork served with steamed rice and imperial roll ... 11.00

30. CƠM GÀ XÀO XẢ ỚT tender chicken meat sautéed w/lemongrass served w/steamed rice & imperial roll ... 11.00

31. CƠM BÒ CUỐN HÀNH HƯƠNG grilled onions rolled beef served with steamed rice and imperial roll ... 11.00

32. PHỞ ÁP CHẢO crispy flat rice noodle served with your choice of beef OR chicken ...11.00

33. CƠM TAY CẦM house special rice cooked in earthen pot with mushroom, ginger and chicken ... 11.50

34. CƠM SƯỜN NƯỚNG XẢ grilled lemongrass pork chop served with steamed rice ... 11.00

35. CƠM GÀ NƯỚNG XẢ grilled lemongrass chicken served with steamed rice ... 11.00

36. CƠM GÀ SATAY grilled chicken skewers served with peanut sauce and turmeric rice ...11.50

37. CƠM TẤM BÌ SƯỜN grilled pork chop and shredded seasoned pork over crushed rice ... 11.75

38. CƠM TẤM BÌ SƯỜN, HỘT GÀ grilled pork chop and shredded seasoned pork over crushed rice and egg ... 12.50

39. CƠM TẤM BÌ THỊT NƯỚNG grilled pork and shredded seasoned pork served over crushed rice ... 11.75

40. CƠM CÀ RI GÀ chicken and potato curry served with steamed rice ... 11.00

41. CƠM BÒ NƯỚNG ĐẠI HÀN grilled short ribs, served with steamed rice and kimchi ... 11.75

42. CƠM GÀ RÔ TI one-half marinated and roasted Cornish game hen served with red rice ... 11.00

43. CƠM STEAK New York steak served with our red rice sautéed with garlic, butter ... 13.00

44. STEAK “NUI” New York steak served with macaroni sautéed with garlic, butter ... 13.00

45. STEAK KHOAI CHIÊN New York steak served with French Fries ... 13.00

46. STEAK BÁNH MÌ New York steak served with a loaf of toasted French bread ... 13.00




47. LẪU CANH CHUA CÁ BÔNG LAU firepot tamarind soup with catfish, tomatoes, celery, bean sprouts ... small 25.00/ large 32.00

48. CANH CHUA TÔM firepot tamarind soup with shrimp, tomatoes, celery, bean sprouts ... small 25.00/ large 32.00

49. CANH CHUA THÁI LAN Thai style firepot soup with shrimp, mushrooms, lemongrass and basil ... small 25.00 / large 32.00

50. LẪU THẬP CẪM combination seafood firepot ... small 28.00 / large 35.00

51. CÁ CHIM CHIÊN whole crisp Pompano served with a vinaigrette fish sauce ... 13.00

52. CÁ BÔNG LAU CHIÊN SỐT CÀ filet catfish pan fried with onions, tomatoes served with a Thai chili sauce ... 11.00

53. KHO TỘ caramelized w/garlic, fish sauce, black pepper & served in earthen pot

a. Catfish ... 11.00

b. Cod fish ... 11.50

c. Pork ... 11.00

d. Chicken ... 11.00

54. THỊT HEO NƯỚNG grilled sliced pork round marinated in garlic and onions ... 12.00

55. SƯỜN RAM MẶNG pork ribs caramelized w/garlic, fish sauce & black pepper ... 12.00

56. SƯỜN NƯỚNG XẢ grilled pork chops marinated in garlic, onions & lemongrass ... 12.00

57. BÒ CUỐN HÀNH HƯƠNG grilled beef round slices, rolled w/onions ... 12.95

58. BÒ NƯỚNG ĐẠI HÀN grilled marinated Kalbi short-ribs ... 13.95

59. BÒ XÀO NẤM ĐÔNG CÔ beef wok tossed w/shiitake mushroom and onions ... 12.95

60. TÔM RANG MUỐI salt and pepper prawns tossed with garlic & onions ... 12.95

61. TÔM RANG ME prawns wok tossed in tamarind sauce ... 12.95

62. GÀ XÀO XÃ ỚT tender chicken meat sautéed in garlic, lemongrass, onion & chili11.75

63. GÀ NƯỚNG grilled lemongrass marinated chicken ... 11.75

64. CÀ RI GÀ chicken curry with potatoes in coconut juice ... 11.75

65. RAU XÀO THẬP CẨM mixed vegetables sautéed with oyster sauce ... 11.00

66. MỰC RANG MUỐI salt and pepper squid tossed w/garlic, green onions & chili...12.95

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—  french-vietnamese dishes  —


All entrées served with house salad and choice of bread, rice, macaroni, or french fries

72. CHICKEN CORDON BLEU breaded chicken breast with cheese & ham in cream of mushroom sauce ...16.50

73. CHICKEN CHASSEUR chicken, mushroom, shallots, white wine, brandy, touch of tomato cream sauce ... 16.75

75. CÔTE DE PORC SAUCE MOUTARDE pork tenderloin brined, serve with grilled vegetable in a white wine & Dijon sauce ... 16.95

76. ROASTED CORNISH HEN (POULET RÔTI) whole Cornish hen marinated in our special sauce and flash fried to a crisp ... 17.95

77. PEPPER STEAK (BOEUF AUX POIVRES) grilled New York steak w/peppercorns, grilled bell peppers served on a sizzling plate ... 17.95

78. MUSHROOM STEAK (BOEUF AUX CHAMPIGNONS) grilled New York steak served on a sizzling platter with sautéed mushrooms ... 18.95

79. STEAK TERIYAKI (BOEUF TERIYAKI) grilled New York steak served on a sizzling platter with wine teriyaki sauce ... 17.95

80. FILET MIGNON wrapped with bacon served on a sizzling platter with sautéed mushrooms ... 24.50

81. SALMON grilled filet served on a bed of honey Dijon mustard lettuce and croutons ... 18.95

82. PRAWNS SCAMPI prawns sautéed with shallots, brandy, wine served in a Dijon mustard cream sauce ... 18.95

83. LAMB 1/4 rack of lamb with red currant wine sauce served over wilted garlic spinach ... 19.50

84. BÒ LÚC LẮC tender cubes of New York steak pan seared w/garlic, served over a bed of salad and sliced onions drizzled with a vinaigrette dressing ... 17.95

85. SIZZLING FISH SPECIALS (CÁ NƯỚNG) pan-grilled w/green onions, topped w/peanuts, cilantro, served w/ginger sauce on a sizzling platter, served with jasmine rice

Catfish ...17.95

Cod ... 17.95

Salmon ... 18.95

*add $2 with substitution of rice paper and plate of vegetable condiments

86. SHISH KABOBS skewered mushroom & bell peppers grilled, wine-garlic sauce served w/jasmine rice

Beef NY ... 18.95

Prawns ... 18.95

Seafood (prawns, scallops, Cod fish filet) ... 19.95


—  vegetarian  —


V1. CƠM CÀ RI CHAY pan fried tofu, potatoes, mixed vegetable with curry coconut milk served with steamed rice ... 10.75

V2. MÌ CHAY or CƠM CHAY sautéed mixed vegetables and tofu served over egg noodle or served with jasmine rice ... 10.75

V3. ĐẬU HỦ SỐT CÀ tofu, pineapples, tomato sauce serve with jasmine rice ... 10.75


—  side orders  —


Steamed Rice or side of Rice Noodle ... per plate/per person 2.50

Red Rice or Macaroni sautéed with garlic, butter, tomato paste ... plate 3.75

House Salad or Kim Chee ... 2.50

French Fries ... 4.50

Mushroom sautéed in wine, garlic, butter ... plate 5.95

Fried Egg or Loaf of French bread ... 2.00

Egg Roll ... 2.50

Cheesy Garlic Bread ... 5.00


—  dessert  —


All Desserts 5.95

MANGO PANNA COTTA creamy panna cotta topped with a tangy mango sauce

COFFEE TRUFFLE coffee gelato with a heart of espresso, covered with coffee flavored chips

CHOCOLATE DUET SLAB layer of chocolate and vanilla gelato on top of chocolate sponge cake, drizzled with strawberry sauce

BANANA FOSTER caramelized bananas flambé in rum, served over vanilla ice cream

TROPICAL GELATO creamy tropical guava gelato swirl with sweet mango sauce